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Happy Birthday...We love you and miss you! 


Another search but was not meant to be....we love you and miss you!

Another search but was not meant to be....we love you and miss you!

Another search but was not meant to be....we love you and miss you!

Another search but was not meant to be....we love you and miss you!

Another search but was not meant to be....we love you and miss you!

Another search but was not meant to be....we love you and miss you!

Another search but was not meant to be....we love you and miss you!

We Love You & Miss You...Always Praying You Are in Heaven.


Hoping the tip we got and the search tomorrow brings you home!!

We Love you and miss you!

3 years since you were taken from a New Year approaches you are in our minds...Love you and Miss You!


Praying that tomorrow’s search will bring you home, God willing.

We Love You and Miss You Dearly!



Good news this week regarding James Hataway’s appeal efforts....DENIED, DENIED by a judge which means he will never see the light of day outside a jail. Now our hopes shift that time will soften his position and one day soon he will tell us where to find Tracy. 

To All,
On May 26th 2009 the worst nightmare for a parent became a reality to our family, our daughter Tracy Ocasio was taken from us. This Saturday marks the 3rd year mark of that horrible event that still haunts us everyday...still not knowing...still can’t find her. I just wanted to highlight the day to all of you to keep her name alive still hoping that someone comes forward with information to help us bring her home, get needed answers and justice in a court of law. The one thing we are pleased with is that the monster that took her from us is behind bars for life and can’t hurt another "daughter". 

Thank you all for the help these past three years.

God Bless,
Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father.

The lead Detective for Tracy’s case along with other police officers and search dogs are following up on a tip tomorrow morning!! I pray God willing this new search can leads us to her...hoping and praying!


Holiday are not the same without you...wish you were here.





This weekend a team from the Search & Rescue of Central Florida group conducted a search for Tracy. The search was based from information supplied by Ocoee Detectives who are retracing back to areas near where previous searches were conducted. Unfortunally nothing was found but the area was not finished and there are plans to continue the search in a couple of weeks.  

I want to thank the team members of Search & Rescue of Central Florida for their continued support of our family with our efforts to bring Tracy home and get justice. After 2 years our resolve and hopes to find her have not diminished and we continue to pray and hope we can find her.


God Bless,

Joe Ocasio




Today is Father’s day and you are in my thoughts more than ever. I never thought good memories would ever hurt like they do in days such as today. I remember the day I took this picture from one of our fishing trips…I miss having you around especially today. Someday I will be able to celebrate your life but that horrible day still haunts me every day. I do believe God will someday give us the peace of mind we need to be able to look back at your life and rejoice again. Unfortunately we’ve joined a club of parents with similar circumstances, one I don’t want to belong to but are forced to. The one blessing we have is that we had you for 28 years. It’s sad of how many people I have met or talked to these past 2 years that lost a child at an early age. Ironically those same memories that hurt today others wish they would have had the time to forge memories as we did with you.


I pray the lord has taken you into heaven and one day we can be together again.



I miss you and love you!






I can’t believe that tonight it will be 2 years since you were suddenly taken from our lives, it still feels surreal. I’ll never forget when Detectives told us the search had to change to looking for your missing body based on the evidence and circumstances. I did not want to believe this was happening and as this reality hit us that day Liz and I broke down into each others arms and sobbed uncontrollably. It was the worst time of our lives and still hurts as if it happened yesterday.

I Hope and pray one of these days I can bring you home, give you a proper place to rest where we can go see you, talk to you and pray for your soul.

Love you always...Dad



James Hataway_20090924174501_JPG

Click on Link: James Hataway gets Life in Prison 

A great day in court and thanks to the courage of Rachael Clarke a monster is behind bars. As we continue our search for our daughter Tracy Ocasio and knowing this same man took her from our lives at least we have comfort that he’s behind bars where he can not hurt another person or destroy another family as he’s done to ours.

I want to give special thanks to the Ocoee and Orlando community for their continued support and prayers.

Joe Ocasio 




His "house of cards" is now crumbling around him! We want to give thanks to Rachel Clarke, a girl that even though scare of this man was brave and show her toughness not only by getting away from him but making him pay.

We will now continue searching for Tracy in hopes to bring her home to rest in peace and in hopes we can bring murder charges and possibly the death sentence to this man. However if this does not happen we get comfort in knowing he’s behind bars where he belongs.

Thank you Lord for your divine involment!

Joe Ocasio




Nancy Grace will be featuring our daughter Tracy Ocasio’s case Thursday February 24th at 9:00 PM on America’s Missing on HLN…hoping & praying one of these days someone comes forward...God Bless.



Today I went to James Hataway’s court hearing for the first time since his attempted murder case started in Seminole county court. I was sad to see how our justice system has eroded to where an individual such as James Hataway has more rights than the individuals he’s victimized.


On “the record” based on their investigations both the Ocoee and Apopka Law Enforcement Departments have evidence of Hataway’s actions during and prior to the disappearance of my daughter, Tracy Ocasio and Rachael Clarke’s son, Christopher George. In both cases there is conflicting testimony by Hataway about his involment. In Chris’s case he even admitted to “wiping down for prints and DNA” Chris’s car! In Tracy’s case he even accused others and after Detectives checked his own “stated times and stories” records show these to be nothing but lies! There many other details in these two cases that point to his behavior and discrepancies that directly implicate him to either have knowledge or that he is the actual perpetrator of their deaths! However since we have not found their bodies everything is “circumstantial”…for now. In my heart I know that in this case lack of evidence does not mean lack of guilt.


All this leads me to his attempted murder case of Rachel Clarke and today’s court date. When I met Rachel she said to me “I’m lucky to be alive and I’m really afraid for your daughter…I’m so sorry”. I will never forget her words. Today I learned that any evidence or mention of Tracy is not allowed and James Hataway has the right for these facts not to be heard by a jury in Rachel’s case. As I recollect his lawyer said “no mentioned of Tracy Ocasio” and the motion was ruled in their favor. How about our missing victim’s rights? Tracy and Chris can not be here to face and accuse the perpetrator and help in Rachel’s case as well but their stories can! Remember, after all Hataway is the one that “wrote that story”! Why can’t it be told to a jury? However our laws say he can ask and avoid a jury from hearing about his own actions that can lead to a pattern of crime and death? How can our justice system think these are not related? Where is our common sense? Why do we allow criminals to have more “legal loopholes” than the sons and daughters they abuse and kill? As part of this ordeal I’m learning “missing victims have limited rights”.


Today as a reporter asked me how I felt after making eye contact with James Hataway I said “I don’t want to say what I feel”….it was a sad day.


Joe Ocasio





To all:
Today is Christmas eve and I miss the little things we took for granted from Tracy. She used to LOVE Christmas and no matter how old she was, on December 24th she was always like a little girl again! I work in retail so when I used to get home on the 24th I always wanted to just "vegetate" but she would not allow that! She was always excited, gitty, full of energy and wore me down to where I had no choice but to give in to her and "celebrate" the day. I used to act like it was a burden to kid around with I look back and I wish I had those days back.

We will never truly have closure because we’ve lost her...for ever. However we yearn to know what happened, to bring her home and get justice. We miss her terribly but I take comfort to see that there are many people out there that truly care. I want to thank you all for your kind words and prayers especially right now during these difficult days for our family....Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

God Bless,
Joe Ocasio



Tracy was taken from us on May 26th 2009...the worst day of my life. It has been 19 months and as we approach the second Christmas since her dissapearance I thought it would get easier but it never hurts like the first day.


I’ll never forget the first day after the search for her changed from a "rescue mission" to a "search for her body" and we knew Tracy was never coming home alive. We got home exhausted and heart broken that day and as I held Liz in my arms she cried out "we are no longer a family of four" as she broke down. I’ve never felt more helpless but in my mind I swore that I would never stop looking for her…one of these days God willing we’ll bring you home and give you a place to rest in peace where we can go see you, talk to you and pray for you.





From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father
I just wanted to confirm that we are all set for the search on Saturday November 20th. This search is based on a tip that came into the Ocoee Detective in charge of Tracy’s case and it’s being conducted by Central Florida Search & Rescue. A member of the Central Florida Search and Rescue team and the Ocoee Detective in charge of Tracy’s case have been communicating about to the location and other search details. To avoid possible tampering at this point I do not want to disclose the search location. However since James Hataway is also involved with missing person Chris George, Rachael George the mother of Chris George will also be with us at the command center since we hope the search could lead us to both of our missing loved ones. Here is the information:
Search dates: Saturday November 20th
Command Center: Vingetti Park 1910 Adair St Ocoee FL 34761
 Anyone with information is urged to call the Ocoee Police department at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161 OR CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS. CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded.

If you have any information you may be eligible for a $20,000 reward.


Latest news:

Fox 35:

Channel 9:

Anyone with information is urged to call the Ocoee Police Dept at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161. Or you can leave an anonymous tip by calling Crimeline at 1800-423-TIPS.

Crimeline is 100% Anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded. You might be eligible for a $20,000 reward by calling your tip into Crimeline!  


Central Florida Search and Rescue has a search planned for November 20th to search the area of interest that came up from an earlier tip. More details to come as we get closer!

Anyone with information is urged to call the Ocoee Police department at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161 OR CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS. CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded.

If you have any information you may be eligible for a $20,000 reward.


Latest on Blink on crime related to Tracy and Chris’ missing cases....are these related???

Anyone with information is urged to call the Ocoee Police department at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161 OR CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS. CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded.

If you have any information you may be eligible for a $20,000 reward.


The person who brought up the tip about having knowledge of an area where Tracy could possibly be at has not met with Detectives after numerous request so at this point Detectives do not think he’s reliable. They’ve not given up from validating the information but can not force him to come in. That said I’ve been in contact with the Central Florida Search Team that has been helping us and we’ll be planning to search the general area in question either way sometime in November as weather cools down and search dogs can spend more time outside searching. That said if Detectives get with this individual and confirm anything solid then things would accelerate....hate the pace but we are at the mercy of time and those with the knowledge.

God Bless,

Joe Ocasio


Latest on Hataway’s Seminole County case.,0,2032922.story

Hataway attorney: Give us records from computer linked to man suspected in Ocasio disappearance

James Hataway attempted murder Seminole County case




From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

The last search is on hold as Detectives are following up on a tipster which if what he claims is true could be a break in the case. However we’ve had many tips claiming knowledge so we are not getting too excited until we hear if it is legit or not. We are praying and hoping....thanks.




If what I hear it is true you could be soon finally here.


 I’ve been praying for hope but I fear the lies of a dope. 


Which will it be?  God let it be...let it be. 


I have many questions but fear the answers...I seek answers but fear the truth. 


If I could only turn back time and I could see you one more time.  


If the time for truth is finally here I am not ready to I fear you are not here.


Give me the strength to take away the fear and allowed them to bring her here.


God let it be...please let it be. 






Tuesday Augusth 10th is your birthday, God only knows how much I wish you were here. However after knowing of so many people with missing love ones I have to thank God for the time he gave us with you..others did not have the same blessing.

One of these days I hope I can bring you home and find out what happend to you.

Happy will always be "my little girl"  




If anyone has any information or knowledge about this posting on please contact the Ocoee Detective Division at 407-905-3161, this website or crimeline at 1-800-tips Crimeline is 100% anonymous and there is a $20,000 reward.


From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father


Subject: Lake Bennett’s Search


Today was tough as we had our hopes high. This Lake and general area has been a major focus due to tips of Hataway dumping here, her boot being found nearby to the cadaver dogs acting up near the shore. I was there all day today and even though I’m dissapointed I want to point out how impress and grateful I am of the Ocoee Police department and their Detectives. These men plowed through mud, water, snakes, humidity, rain and gave it their all! I was there and I can tell you they are dedicated about their jobs and showed us they care for our family.


To Detectives Olson, Berrish and Sergeant Bryant, I don’t know what I would do without their help and support through this ordeal…I thank you from the bottom of my heart….God Bless!




One year and 25 days since you were taken from us. Today on Father’s day I remember those days when you were young and we used to go fishing together...I miss your smile, I miss your laugh and most of all I miss you being here today!

I love you and miss you.



Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father
347 days since Tracy was taken from us
The bad news is that yesterday we did not find Tracy. The good news is that we have a Lake area spot where several cadaver dogs hit on which we are going back to confirm either way. However it could be something else all together so I do not want to get our hopes too high. In addition we are concentrating our next efforts in areas where the Ocoee police was searching while James Hataway was nervous and looking at websites on how to commit suicide. Maybe he knew something back then and we were not paying attention.
I want to give thanks to all of the search and rescue members for their continued efforts and for giving us hope, especially to Danny and Kathy! I do not know what I would do with out their help! I also want to thank the media for providing awareness to our daughter’s case. Every time they do this we get a spike on tips and I hope and pray one of these days it lead us to her. Even though "the day after" has been extremely disappointing and the feeling of hopelessness is in our hearts today I assure you we’ll get over it  and we’ll get focused again with finding our daughter and getting justice.
Have a Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless you all for your kind words and prayers.
Joe Ocasio 


Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father


10 months & 15 days since Tracy was taken from us.


On Saturday May 8th the group "Search and Rescue of Central Florida" will be searching for Tracy again. The search willl consist of areas from the Taproom into Ocoee. I want to give thanks to the group in advance for their efforts and pray to God that they help us bring Tracy home and possibly find leads to help bring the person(s) responsible to justice.   


God Bless you all for your words of encouragement....I pray this coming search will bring Tracy home, good or bad and give us the closure we seek.




From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father:


Interesting article and postings


Anyone with information is urged to call the Ocoee Police department at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161 OR CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS. CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded.

If you have any information you may be eligible for a $20,000 reward.


From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

8 Months & 19 days since Tracy was taken from us.

I continue to read comments from blogs or articles in the news previously made about James Hataway we’ve not been able to confirm but could lead the investigation into a new phase.



IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION REGARDING THIS TIP PLEASE MAKE CONTACT WITH US OR the Ocoee Police department at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161 OR CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS. CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded. !!


From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

8 Months & 18 days since Tracy was taken from us.



Today I asked Mom to open your Valentines card I got you......your always in my mind and heart. As I always told you, my love for you is unconditional no matter what.......miss you terribly, especially in days like today!

I pray every night that one of these days, good or bad we can bring you home!




From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

8 Months & 6 days since Tracy was taken from us.

Today we finally have something positive happen that we hope and pray can lead us eventually to get closure about our precious daughter. James Hataway has been charged with first degree attempted murder in Rachel Clark’s  case. Rachel is the lucky girl that lived to tell her story after very similar circumstances as our missing daughter.

I want to give thanks to all of you for your prayers and support during these difficult times for our family. I also want to thank Rachel Clark for coming forward knowing there is no guarantee this man will be convicted but being brave and thinking not only about herself but other women such as our daughter.

Last, I want to again please ask that if anyone out there has or knows any information that can help us bring our daughter home, good or bad to please come forward now and at the same time help put this animal in a cage for life where he belongs!


God Bless you all!

Joe Ocasio





From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

197 days since Tracy was taken from us.


As of recent it seems everything has gone "cold". Some things have come up from time to time but nothing that has made a difference. It’s incredible and sureal that our precious daughter has been gone this long and with 12 days before Christmas we still do not know why this man called "James Hataway" took her from us. A coward that gets off hurting women and currently laughs at us.....I hope he gets a long sentence in Rachel Clarks case, the lucky one that got away from this madman. 

Several months ago I had an open mind that maybe he might know something and maybe he was not directly involved. Today I feel totally different after we continue to deal with his "garbage" and "arrogance".....we know he’s guilty but unfortunally law enforcement has not gotten the break we need to charge him with her murder.....some day, some day.

I pray every night that God willing one day soon, we can bring her home and give her the proper burial she deserves.....a place we can go see to her....GOD WE MISS HER!

Last, I want to give thanks to everyone that continues to pray with us and helps us get strength to live through this ordeal.


God Bless you all!    




From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

112 days since Tracy was taken from us



       Click on link:


From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father



96 days since Tracy was taken from us




This weekend’s search lead by the group "Search & Rescue of Central Florida" did not lead to any findings. The concentration for this weekend was from route 50 and north. The area where the boot was found off of south Blufford and route 50 was searched including Lake Bennett. Of all areas searched I’m most disappointed about this one as I thought after finding the boot there that something else might have been found in the area. In addition the search included several other areas from Ocoee through parts of Lake Apopka near where her car was possibly sighted. I’ve been asked today a couple of times how do we feel about this "roller coaster", well it is and has been a very challenging journey to say the least. It feels like having a hole in your heart that hurts everyday and does not go away. However I believe God willing we’ll find out, hopefully sooner than later what has happened to our daughter, good or bad and we can bring her "home" where she belongs. The way I choose to look at this, is that now we know where she’s not at and we are getting closer.


This weekend started a detailed methodical search that is being logged, tracked and the efforts will continue by Search & Rescue of Central Florida. In addition as Sergeant Mike Bryant said before, local specialized units have been asked to use Ocoee for their training exercises as well. I want to give a special thank you to Search & Rescue of Central Florida along to the many searchers from throughout the state that came in from as far as Tallahassee to help our family. It is amazing to have people like this that give their time and personal resources to help others and incredible as to what drives them....God Bless them and their families! 


Last, we are eagerly waiting to see what the DNA results bring as to the boot that was found. In checking the surveillance video from the Taproom many times and speaking with one of her girlfriends that was with her that night she was indeed wearing her boots. I hope this turns out to be a positive id so Detectives have a clue to lead them to their next step in the investigation. 


From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father


94 days since Tracy was taken from us 


Tomorrow "Search and Rescue of Central Florida" the group that helped search for Jennifer Kesse will be searching for Tracy.


I want to give thanks to the group in advance for their efforts and pray to God that they help us bring Tracy home this weekend and find leads to help find the person(s) responsible.   


God Bless you all for your words of encouragement....let’s pray this weekend brings these searches to an end!




From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father


78 days since Tracy was taken from us 


Recently it’s been very demoralizing, nothing good has happened as we’ve been dealing mostly with bad news. Recently our biggest tip to date turned up empty, no new tips have come thru as these continue to dry up…to add to the misery Monday was Tracy’s birthday. A sense of despair has been over us recently with questions such as; Why would someone hurt our girl? Are we ever going to find her?  Why has evil touched our family?


Amazingly I was reminded today that there is a lot of goodness in our community and yes there is hope….For starters the Central Florida Search and Rescue group made contact with Ocoee Detectives and has formally offered their help!….they are meeting today. I want to give thanks in advance for any help they can give us!


To top it off, yesterday I had a message at home from my Dentist who is actually a specialist, a Doctor of Dental Medicine who had performed oral surgery on me. I kept thinking I had forgotten to reschedule a visit but when I checked voicemail there was another message on my cell phone telling me that he personally needed to talk with me. I found that odd and thought there was something wrong with my last visit. Instead of he wanted to tell me that he had being following Tracy’s case and needed to do something to help get information to help bring Tracy home! He did not ask but then stated he was adding $10,000 of his own money to raise Tracy’s reward money. I was totally blown away and speechless, here is a man I barely know outside his “office chair” not only taking time to tell me how much he cared but giving his own money to help find our daughter! When he told me I said I did not know what to say, his reply was “don’t, I’ve been blessed and I like to help people whenever I can”....I could not help but break down crying.


In the name of Tracy our family wants to thank Dr Jeffrey J. Sevor for his help and generosity. When we asked him if I could use his name he wanted to make sure this was not about him but about Tracy, another example of the person he is!...God Bless him!  



To: Tracy Ocasio, our missing precious daughter.

76 days since Tracy was taken from us


Today on your 28th birthday, we continue to hope and pray for a miracle to find you alive but realize that day may never come as reality is here with us as well. We miss you to the point that it hurts like nothing we have experienced before. At times, like today we are at a loss and do not know what to do except to keep trying to find answers, answers that we might never get.

If there is a remote chance you are alive we pray you are not suffering, if you are not with us any longer we hope you are in heaven in a place without pain and suffering. We are blessed for the time we’ve had you on this earth and the time we spent together.


From your family Joe, Liz and Joey.      



From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father


70 days since Tracy was taken from us



I want to give thanks to everyone for your kindness and prayers. Your encouragement and words mean a lot. Among the evil that we’ve encountered you are the balance of goodness we’ve needed.


As most of you know this past week we received an encouraging tip from a witness that saw what might be Tracy’s car the morning she disappeared. Tomorrow there is a search of this area which is not too far from areas we’ve searched. It also fits the time frame of when the car was found and it is only 5 miles or 10 minutes from where her car was found. To this date we do not have any idea of what happened and we hope and pray tomorrow lead us to something…..god willing. On one hand we need to know and want her back, good or bad. Even though by now we’ve come to terms that she might not be with us I truly dread the day we find her body, as I don’t know how to get ready for that.


All that said this journey is not over until we find the person or people responsible. I suspect we’ve been contacted on this very website by someone with personal knowledge about her case and if that person is reading this I ask you to please look inside yourself, do the right thing and come forward.


Anyone with information is urged to call the Ocoee Police department at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161 OR CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS. CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded.

If you have any information you may be eligible for a $5,000 reward.

From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

68 days since Tracy was taken from us



Drew & Joyce,
I don’t know how you both have done this for over 3 years and keep your faith and show the strength you do. I can’t shake this hollow feeling after this weekend’s search did not bring Jennifer home...we are truly very sorry.  

DON’T GIVE UP HOPE!... you both have been an inspiration to Liz and myself...keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.

God Bless you,
Joe & Liz Ocasio  


From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

Two months since Tracy was taken from us.


Today marks two months since our daughter was taken from us. A day that forever will be etched into my soul. In addition Tracy’s birthday is just two weeks away. She was born on August 10th 1981, a day I celebrated as she was our first born.

However today also brings hope. Detectives have several leads they are following and there is a "big search" coming up this weekend! I want to personally thank Drew and Joyce Kesse; they are parents "living the nightmare" of a missing child. Even while working on their "personal quest" to find their daughter Jennifer, they have "reached out" to help others as well including having their search team spend time looking for our daughter Tracy. The Kesse’s have announced a big search for this weekend and part of it will include looking for other missing people as well....words can not describe how thankful my wife and I are for their kindness. Below I’m listing below the press release Drew sent out to the media to announce this event that both of our families hope can bring closure to someone with a missing child in the Orlando/Ocoee area.

Drew, Joyce....from the bottom of our hearts we thank you again and look forward to meet you both this weekend. My prayers are with you both that Jennifer comes home this weekend.....God Bless you!!


Press Release

Date: 7/27/09

Subject: Jennifer Kesse Ground Search, August 1 & 2, 2009, Orlando, Fl.


Today, Drew and Joyce Kesse, with the help of FL-3 ASAR- search and rescue teams, are announcing a preplanned extensive ground search for Jennifer Kesse, Missing - , Abducted, 1/24/2006, from in or around her Orlando home, as well as other Missing people in the Orlando area. Search dates - August 1st & 2nd 2009. This will be a search made up of trained search and rescue teams from around the State of Florida. These Teams, who have trained and worked together, have gathered their resources, skills, knowledge, training, experience and passion to help find Jennifer as well as others Missing in the Orlando area, on a volunteer basis. This will be a professional, organized and well planned search of multiple areas utilizing state of the art equipment and K-9 teams. The search is not one planned by The Orlando Police Department or The Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Both agencies have been made aware and will make themselves available should any need arise to respond to a search area. There will be no volunteers needed for this physical ground search. Joyce and Drew Kesse will be at the Command Center, in and out throughout the search. The Command Center will be located at First Baptist Church of Orlando – Out Parking Lot at the corner of John Young Parkway and L.B. McLeod.

 “This search, is a joint search effort with FL-3 ASAR as the sponsor of this mission working with five other top notch certified search teams in Florida.  All six teams will take an equal part in this search mission for Jennifer.  Fl-3 ASAR East and West coast division being the marine and K-9 support, Tampa Bay SAR, and Citrus County SAR being the ground search support, Manatee County SAR, Search and Rescue of Central Florida, First Response Search Team of Tallahassee and “DART”, Disaster Animal Response Team.  Our main goal in this mission is to bring some sort of closure to the Kesse family and other families associated with these missing person cases.   All teams are volunteers and self sufficient when deployed and require no payment of services.  Our only goal is to be recognized as professional search teams in the State of Florida.”
                                                                                                 --FL-3 ASAR Team


As of this time the teams are expected to work mornings (6:15am start)  – during the heat of the day - rest/feed dogs, evaluate morning search and reaffirm afternoon and evening search plan - resume search late afternoon until unable to continue.  There will be Aerial Units utilized Saturday, August 1st, weather permitting.

Search Group Contact for Media:
Drew Kesse, Cell# 813-404-7061

Resources which will be utilized:

COMMAND CENTER Location- FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of ORLANDO- out parking lot, corner of  J. Young Pkwy & L.B. McLeod. 
COMMAND RV - (38’ double slide)
HEAD COUNT 50-70 Trained/Experienced Searchers 
HRD K9 –16 teams
ATV’s –multiple
Hydratrek Amphibious Vehicle, with Side Scan.
2 Airboats with Side Scan Units 
1 Boat with Side Scan Units 
AERIAL Units (3) are confirmed and will fly weather permitting, 8/1/09
VETS (2) accompanied by multiple Vet techs 
DART TEAM, 5 members - Disaster Animal Response Team - K9 rehab area.
SECURE RADIO NETWORK in place with 14 Team lead radios.



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From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

Day 53 since Tracy was taken from us.


First I want to again thank everyone for your kindness and prayers. It really has helped us see how our community has rally to help us find our daughter. It is overwhelming at times and we truly appreciate the personal time many of you have given to search for her or your continued efforts...GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

The investigation continues to move along but unfortunally no hard evidence yet that can leads us to Tracy. Many comments and rumors have been surfacing about the quality of work the Ocoee Police and Detectives have been doing. Since I’m personally involved and have preview to many of the information and clues they are working on I can assure you we, the family are very pleased with their efforts and their genuine care for our family. Their investigation has been looking at many avenues including Hataway for obvious reasons but also other people as well. However they’ve been "tight lipped" and because of that it has lead to many speculations.

All that said, I’m personally not happy with the lack of hard evidence to this point so far but I know there are people out there that have information that can help us find our daughter. Some of the tips received on this website leads me to believe someone knows more but is not talking. We also know that many are afraid to come forward or maybe do not care to help. I beg those of you that know something to please come forward and help us bring our daughter home!!

You can call the Ocoee Police department at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161 OR CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS. The CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded.



From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

Day 38 since Tracy was taken from us.

Thank you to everyone for the kind words and prayers. As we continue to look for Tracy many tips are still coming in about Jim Hataway’s character, however not a single tip yet about anyone ever seeing her car the night she dissapeared. There is a gap between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM when her car was spotted by the home owner of the property where her car was abandoned. 

In addition we have no clues about the where abouts of her phone and keys. However we have phone records placing the phone in the area until 8:30 AM. The phone tower records placed the phone .21 miles from the tower which ironically is also .20 miles from Jim Hataways house. Right after my wife called her phone at 8:30 AM whomever had the phone either turned it off and or disposed of it. We know it’s not there as we’ve searched the area many, many times. This obviously indicates someone knows about her phone. 

We know there are people out there that have information that can help us find our daughter. We also know that many are afraid to come forward or do not care to help. I beg those of you that know something no matter how small to please come forward and help us bring our daughter home. We need to know what has happened to our daughter...good or bad....PLEASE HELP US!

You can call the Ocoee Police department at 407-905-3160 or 407-905-3161 OR CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS. The CrimeLine is 100% anonymous and your conversation will not be recorded.



From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

I previously sent the letter below to many of my co-workers and many Dollar Tree associates that helped me and my family during these past several weeks. I’ve been asked by many to post this here on Tracy’s website for the many other Dollar Tree people that did not get to see it or I might have missed. From the bottom of my heart here it is:


To:  My Dollar Tree Family

From: Joe Ocasio

On May 27 th  my life along with my family’s changed for ever, a date that will always be etched in my mind as it’s the date our daughter was taken from us. Not knowing what’s happened to her is the most unreal and horrible feeling we currently live with. It’s like having a hole in your heart that hurts everyday and never goes away.  

Today 26 days later is father’s day; a reporter yesterday asked me what I would do today to help me cope. What she did not know is that “my Dollar Tree family” has made today a day for me to be grateful and give thanks. You always hear about “company culture” and many brag they foster such environment. We’ll I can personally tell you that “you, my Dollar Tree family” has given me and my family the love, prayers and showed us the kindness that is rarely seen today. Not only have you given me time but you have fed our family, donated water and many associates gave their time to help during our desperate search.

While searching the woods for our daughter I was never more proud of where I work until a reporter asked how we would be able to hydrate such large number of people for a whole week during the extreme heat and was told by Tim Miller, founder of EquuSearch: “Dollar Tree, Joe’s company has been by his side and was kind enough to not only help us with water but look around, many of these volunteers are part of his extended family and are here with him”.

As I get back to work tomorrow please do not express your sorrow but instead continue to keep my daughter in your prayers so one day in the near future we can bring her home…good or bad.

I will for ever be grateful to you, “my Dollar Tree family” for your kindness and being there for me and my family. I will never, never forget!

Today during father’s day I can truly say that I’m blessed and grateful to work for such a wonderful organization and I thank you from the bottom of my heart…God bless you all!


From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

Day 26th since Tracy went missing

Yesterday EquuSearch made it’s last search based on current police research and incoming tips. For us is it was the end of a hopeful week that was not meant to be...not a good day.

However, it’s not over, this past week the Ocoee police assigned Tracy’s case to a Detective as his only case given her case a more prominent outlook. In addition a warrant was issued for computers from Hataways father’s house including books and magazines that could help detectives get a better outlook as to where to go from here...We pray for a miracle but want her back good or bad.

God Bless you all for your kind words and prayers!


From: Joe Ocasio, Tracy’s father

First post: Day 22nd since Tracy went missing

I want take a minute and thank the Ocoee police dept, in particular Detective Olson, Tim Miller founder of EquuSearch at, the Ocoee/Orlando community, our friends, family members and my Dollar Tree family where I work. A special thanks to Spiderhost at  for their kindness in donating the time and putting together this website for Tracy!!


That said let’s get down to business as Tracy needs our help! EquuSearch is currently helping us look for our daughter with a group of experienced team leaders along with volunteers.

WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS!  Anyone 18-years-old, or older, who is interested in helping is asked to go to the Command Center located at:

Vignetti Recreation Center 1906 Adair St Ocoee 34761.

Volunteers are asked to bring their own food, water, wear long sleeves, sturdy shoes and a hat. Bug spray and sun tan lotion is a must. We begin every morning at 8:00 AM but we add volunteers through 2:00 PM EST. We will continue to search everyday until we find Tracy or the search is called off.